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CIS Secondary Library: Supervisor Support Materials

Read. Understand. Ask.

Please read, understand, and practice the guidance provided in the Teacher Support Material.  Of particular use is the Pedagogical Support section. Naturally, there's plenty of good reason to ask questions as well.

Refer to the subject-specific links below for information about expectations and standards; this is integral in properly guiding your students. 

Later in the process, you will want to refer to MLA Research Paper standards but feel free to consult your EE Coordinator with any questions you might have. At our Citing & Referencing LibGuide, you will also find many tips and insights that can guide the way.

Key Documents

MLA & APA Samples

MLA Samples & Guides

APA Samples & Guides

For each subject, there are very particular standards that students must follow. Please get to know these requirements well; it is essential.