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CIS Secondary Library: Y8 Music Folk & Indigenous

Y8 Folk & Indigenous Music

Y8 Folk & Indigenous Music

Statement of Inquiry



Just for fun: 

Folk musician Fang Jinlong won gold at the 1987 China Art Festival. He is reputed to be the best five-stringed pipa player in the world. 

In 2020 he appeared on “Last Night of 2019” and his appearance garnered 46 million views in three days.

He was featured in a segment titled “Rhythm World,” with a 100-strong orchestra. He played many traditional instruments from China, India, Italy, and Japan. The segment incorporated elements from Chinese wuxia martial arts culture, American folk music, and Japanese anime. The performance ended with the theme song from the classic movie “The Godfather” with Fang on the pipa.

See full article here. 

Introductory Resources

Read the following introductory resources on folk and indigenous music: 

Select one musical tradition from below to investigate in depth.

Sources for each of the music traditions are listed below. Investigate the sources within your chosen subject. Select best fit sources for your subject to use and cite them accordingly.

Musical traditions

Folk music x modern day music

Print resources