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CIS Secondary Library: Academic Integrity

AI and Your IB Work

"The IB will not ban the use of AI software." Here are the parameters for use:

  • "If they [students] use the text (or any other product) produced by an AI tool—be that by copying or paraphrasing that text or modifying an image—they [students] must clearly reference the AI tool in the body of their work and add it to the bibliography.
  • The in-text citation should contain quotation marks using the referencing style already in use by the school and the citation should also contain the prompt given to the AI tool and the date the AI generated the text."

Language Acquisition

Use of AI is not allowed in language acquisition. 

  • "The exception is in language acquisition, where marks are awarded for sentence structure. In these subjects the use of such tools is not permitted.

  • The IB awards bilingual diplomas, and universities and schools look at the language subjects that are taken in for proof of being able to work in that language. Therefore students are not permitted to write essays in one language and then translate them to be submitted to the IB in another language. For subject other than language acquisition, the use of spell checkers and bilingual dictionaries is acceptable."