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CIS Secondary Library: Y11 "Band on the Run" - History of Rock

Y11 "Band on the Run"

Statement of Inquiry

A cultural identity is best communicated through interaction with other cultures

History of Rock 

Musical Analysis

Students will research a popular band from 1970 - 1990 at the height when rock bands started to make exciting new developments in the Music world. The research will include a detailed analysis of one of the bands all-time hits from the Rock Music era. The written assignment will be in the form of a musical review article for a Music Magazine.The article should be 1500 words highlighting musical features (but not limited to) rhythm, melody. Instrumentation, harmony 

Newspapers & Magazines

New York Times - Available on campus via school WIFI. Available off campus via login. Database password found here.

The Economist - Email Ms. Smith or Ms. Wong with the title and author of the article you would like from the Economist. They will send you a copy of the article.