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CIS Secondary Library: Guests & Speakers

Would you like to bring a local inspirational speaker, workshop leader, artist, or author to CIS? 



March 4-10, 2024

How does the HKILF work with CIS? 

In late November and early December the HKILF announces their author line up. Schools may sign up for authors and experts to visit their campuses for assemblies, workshops, and/or presentations. Sign up is first come, first serve so timely requests via the CIS HKILF sign up form is crucial. We will follow up with further questions regarding scheduling. 


Talks vs Workshops

Talks last for an hour (inclusive of Q&A); workshops last for an hour and a half.


The CIS Library team handles scheduling, communication, and payment for all visits organized with the HKILF.


Deadline to submit a request via the CIS HKILF sign up form is TBA. Please remember sign up is first come, first serve so timely requests are crucial.


Year Round Visits

Authors and Experts in Hong Kong - Year Round Visits

These individuals are available year round dependent on their schedules.

Take a look at the growing list of possible visitors.

Please fill out the Year Round Author Request Form or send an email including the following information: Preferred dates; preferred format: assembly, presentation, workshop; year level(s) of participants; number of participants; any information on the unit of study