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CIS Secondary Library: News

The New York Times Digital Subscription

As a CIS student or staff member, you have full access to the options and services provided by the publishers of The New York Times. This includes The New York TimesThe International New York Times, and 紐約時報中文網. The entire Times archive is also available in a search function stretching back to 1851. You must be on campus to begin the subscription.


The Financial Times Digital Subscription

This resource is generously provided by the Financial Times free to CIS students aged 16-19 and to all staff. You must be on campus to begin the subscription.



Print newspapers


明報 (Ming Pao) | Hong Kong

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WiseSearch | Hong Kong & China

El País | España

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El Norte | México

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NYT Headlines | United States

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BBC Headlines | Great Britain

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Wall Street Journal | United States

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