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CIS Secondary Library: Y7 Science Lifestyle Diseases

Y7 Lifestyle Diseases


Human bodies contain organs. Each organ has a job to do. Organs work together to form “systems”.

Our organs keep us healthy, but we must ensure that our lifestyle choices do not get in the way of staying healthy. 

Teenagers are linked to certain behaviours that will affect their bodies. Changes from within, as well as changes from their surroundings, impact their health. Sometimes, bad decisions are made, and this causes them to become sick.

Guiding Questions

“How do things I do each day affect my health?” 

“Which behaviours are linked?”

“Which organ/s does it affect?”

“Is the damage permanent or temporary?”

Introductory Resource

Read the following introductory article on lifestyle diseases: 

Healthy Habits for Teens

What to do next:

  1. Choose a lifestyle disease from the options below. These diseases are more likely to affect teens

  2. Investigate the sources on this LibGuide for your chosen lifestyle disease. 

Lifestyle diseases