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CIS Secondary Library: Y8 Eng Comics Lens on Social Issues


Y8 Comics Lens on Social Issues

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Comics Plus

A House Without Windows 

By the delicate hand of Didier Kassaï (Storm Over Bangui) comes a comic book documentary about the street children of Bangui, told in a style that mixes photo and illustration. 1 VOLUME RELEASED - INDEPENDENT STORIES. In the Central African Republic, children grow up in a state of insecurity, poverty, and malnutrition. The 2013 conflict only exacerbated this situation. The Central African Republic has become what many call a house without windows. Through illustrations and photos, this comic takes you into the heart of this forgotten crisis. With Central African artist Didier Kassaï and British photojournalist Marc Ellison as your guides, watch children at work in a diamond mine, observe life in a refugee camp, and meet the street children of Bangui.

Dust #1

Jupiter has ignited, the Earth has turned to Dust. The rich and powerful have built a utopia underground. The rest of humanity are left to die on the surface. Those below forge a life of luxury, while those above lead a life of poverty where only the strong survive. One of these few is a girl named, Keeli. Abandoned by her family and deported to the surface, Keeli grew up tough, taking to a life of thievery to survive. At first glance, she might look like just another dust pirate... but, what Keeli doesn't know is that she's the hero of our story. And the secret she's about to uncover will change the world forever.

Identity: A Story of Transitioning 

What do you do when you are born as one gender, but feel yourself to be another? Gender dysphoria affects thousands of people worldwide, but has been ignored or ridiculed in our culture. With this graphic novel, Corey Maison boldly shares her story of transitioning, so that other kids with gender dysphoria and related conditions will no longer feel so isolated, hopeless, or lost. Corey Maison was born a girl, trapped in a boy's body. Growing up, Corey was more interested in dolls than trucks; in dresses than jeans. Everything about Corey was female…except her physicality. Known as gender dysphoria, this condition is devastating if not acknowledged. But society is slow to be sympathetic to the idea that a person's gender is not entirely based on physiology, but instead is fluid, and a combination of emotional and psychological self-awareness along with, or sometimes more importantly, physical characteristics. Identity: A Story of Transitioning tells the complex and moving tale of a young person who knows that their true gender is not the one they were assigned at birth. With unconditional love and support from her mother, Corey successfully starts the transition process with hopes of being comfortable in her own skin, being accepted by others, and raising awareness of young people who wish to transition. At 16-years-old, Corey has become a voice for other trans teens, battling bullies and helping others who are on their own individual journeys of identity.

Colorblind: A Story of Racism

Colorblind: A Story of Racism is the third in a series of graphic novels written by young adults for their peers. Johnathan Harris is fifteen, and lives in Long Beach, California, where he loves playing soccer with his friends, and listening to their favorite rapper, Snoop Dogg, a Long Beach native. His mom, dad, and three brothers are tight, but one of the most influential family members for Johnathan is his Uncle Russell, a convict in prison, serving fifteen years to life . . . Uncle Russell taught Johnathan from a very young age to see people from the perspective of their cultures, and not just their skin color. He imbued a pride of his ancestry and cautioned against letting hatred into his heart. But when Johnathan was just eight years old, something happened that filled him with fear and the very hatred that Uncle Russell had warned him about. What happened to Johnathan made him see that a dream of a colorless world was just that. A dream. That event shook him to his core. Anger grew inside him like a hot coal. Uncle Russell had told him to "throw it away or you will get burned," but Johnathan was young and frightened. He was having a hard time forgiving, much less forgetting. Colorblind is Johnathan's story of confronting his own racism and overcoming it. It is a story of hope and optimism that all, young and old, should heed. Zuiker Press is proud to publish stories about important current topics for kids and adolescents, written by their peers, that will help them cope with the challenges they face in today's troubled world.

Colorful History #45: Lincoln Hills: The Escape from Racism?

Learn about Lincoln Hills, the only vacation resort west of the Mississippi River that catered to African-Americans in the 1920s.

Athletes Who Made a Difference: Serena Williams

Serena Williams has amazed tennis fans with her talent and spoken out against racism and sexism in the tennis world. She has also become a role model for a new generation of tennis players.

What We Don't Talk About

Examining racism and interracial relationships, this graphic novel is about a couple’s first meeting with the in-laws. Farai and Adam have been dating for two years, but she's never met his parents. Until this weekend. Adam's parents have a lovely house in a beautiful small town. But after they arrive, Adam's mom immediately begins making racist comments about everything from Farai's hair to her family's education. Farai asks for Adam's support ― and Adam is used to keeping quiet in response to cruel, critical remarks from his mother for the sake of peace in the family. He doesn't stand up for himself, much less for Farai. This vividly illustrated graphic novel tackles the prejuice and racism Black people experience on an everyday basis.