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CIS Secondary Library: Y9 Science: Reversing Global Warming

Reversing Global Warming seems to be a contentious issue even though the majority of scientists believe and advocate that it is an issue that can and will affect human societies and natural ecosystems. They have used and provided models that attempt to show the short term and long term effects on the Earth if no action is taken and we continue on as we have done in the past. The scientific evidence for climate change is an important part of understanding the mechanisms and effects on societies. 

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Your Task

Investigate one of the 5 areas identified by Science found below.

Investigate one of the 7 Science-related UN SDGs found below (or another of your choosing after consultation with your teacher).

Write a 1000 -1500 WORD expository essay that focuses on that one facet of climate change in one particular region and the role Science can play in addressing that issue.

5 areas of Science