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CIS Secondary Library: EE Early Preparations

Early Phases

Extended Essay Essentials

The Extended Essay, a compulsory component of the IBDP curriculum, is designed to give you an opportunity to engage in the methods of critical research. It is defined as “an in-depth study of a focused topic” intended to give you experience of the kind of individual, independent, and sustained research work that is encountered in college and university education. 

Getting started, it is wise to consult the Five Steps to Writing a Research Question and to consider the advice provided with the Sample Research Questions

For each subject, there are very particular standards you must follow. Get to know these resources (linked below) as you consider your subject options. After you have chosen a subject, use this very practical advice throughout the rest of the process.

As you work, you should frequently seek the wisdom of your supervisor, communicate with the Extended Essay coordinator, and--as always--ask questions. Because you are producing a significant body of research, you are expected to follow MLA Research Paper standards. Visit Research 101 to find many additional tips and insights.

*"Effective first submission for assessment May 2021, extended essays submitted in studies in language and literature (Language A registrations) must not be based on a text which has been studied as part of this course. Students may, however, base their essays on different texts by the same author. Please note that this rule applies to all students without exception."