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CIS Secondary Library: Y8 Fair Trade

Unite Overview & Assessment Details

Unit Overview
The Fair Trade unit focuses on helping  students understand some key economic principles related to international trade and also on the idea of fair trade.  Below are the Statement of Inquiry and the key questions and understandings for the unit. 
Statement of Inquiry
Movements for more equitable access to opportunities and resources respond to and are influenced by the changes from globalization. 

Inquiry Questions

  • What is trade?
  • What is the difference between equity and equality?
  • How does human interaction result in global connections?
  • To what extent does inequality exist in global interactions?
  • Do we have a responsibility to reduce inequality and inequity?

Fair Trade Inquiry

  1. Choose the topic that interests you.

  2. Read through all the various case available on the Fair Trade Foundation website and YouTube Channel (find those in the box immediately to the right of this one).

  3. Learn about the Fair Trade debate from the Case Studies and Resources (also in the box next to this one).

  4. Choose a case study that interests you. You may choose from:

    • Gold, chocolate (cocoa), flowers, sugar, tea, cotton, or bananas.

  5. Create Inquiry Questions (see the Google doc)

  6. You will create a series of Factual and Debatable Questions. Remember, you must base your questions on your research, which means the following:

    • You must have 5-7 different sources.

    • You must have at least three database sources

    • These should include at least one local (Hong Kong) source

    • Any websites you use must be deemed as credible

    • Don't only rely on web sources. Interview your local Park-n-Shop and/or Wellcome manager, the owner of Starbucks, the CEO of a coffee farm in Brazil, and so on. The whole world is open to you. Go beyond what you might normally do.

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Case Studies and Resources

Case Studies & Resources


Summaries, Paraphrases, and Quotes