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CIS Secondary Library: Making the Virtual Visible

Perhaps you were wondering... it true that I could win a free 8GB Kindle Fire just by listening to or reading an ebook on OverDrive?

It is indeed true!

Throughout the month of November, we are urging students to use OverDrive. Not all books need to be read in print. Ebooks and audiobooks are a convenient option for reading, and we have a trove of options for you to choose from. Take a look at the selection of titles at our CIS Digital Library. See something you like? Then you can check it out and read it either on your laptop or your personal device.

Oh yeah, about the free Kindle Fire. If you check out a book using OverDrive in the month of November, your name is automatically entered into a drawing to win the Kindle. It's that simple!


Where in the World?

Conduct a basic search of materials in this window. For more extensive searches, you can log in to your Destiny account by using your Moongate password. 


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Crash Course

Pay attention, Nerdfighters! John Green (yes, that amazing author John Green) joined forces with his brother Hank Green (also known as Internet Guy) to bring you an extensive series of short videos on a variety of topics. Take a look, and scan the playlists. Memorable, educational, brief, entertaining, and AWESOME!


Library Information

Library Hours



Your Secondary Library Staff

Ms Che, Ms Mak, Ms Wong, & Mr Anderson

Currently the Secondary Library holds approximately 40,000 items for the students, faculty, and CIS community to borrow. On the upper floor of the library we feature our Chinese collection, English fiction, periodicals, Ebooks, and audio books. On our lower floor, one will find English non-fiction, French and Spanish materials, Extended Essays, Personal Projects, reference books, Professional Development materials and DVDs.

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Policies and Privileges

It is your responsibility to bring your school ID card each day.


As students, you must use your school ID cards for access to all services provided in the Library. All items to check out include print materials and equipment such as E-readers, calculators and power adapters, and you must have your ID to do so.  You can also use your student ID card for photocopying and printing. 


Beyond that simple statement, it gets even easier:

  • Respect your Library space   
  • Respect other students in your Library   
  • Respect everything and everyone in your Library

Material Type

Loan Period

Overdue Prices

Replacement Costs**

Books (print & digital) 14 days


$100 (fiction)

$200 (non-fiction)

Magazines and Journals 14 days N/A* $100
Audio-Visual (Audiobooks, DVDs, etc.) 14 days N/A* $200
Kindles 14 days N/A* $1,200**
Reference materials  1 day N/A* $200
Calculators and chargers/adapters 1 day $20 per day

Calculator: $1,100

Charger/adapter: $588**

*Rather than charging fees for most overdue materials, we ask that you return or renew items. You will not be allowed to check out any additional items if you owe a fine or have anything overdue. The rule of thumb: if you expect to check something out, take care of your obligations.

**If a missing or damaged item is part of a set and we are not able to replace the missing portion, then you need to pay for the replacement of the entire set, which means the cost may be significantly higher. This applies to both books and AV materials.


TED Talks


"TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less)." Take time to learn more about some fascinating topics.