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Quarterly Question

Perhaps you were wondering... can I set realistic independent reading goals for the school year?

Recently, Gregory Cowles, senior editor of the Books desk for The New York Times published an excellent article (advice, really) on "How to Tap Your Inner Reader." This article touches on many of the challenges that readers share with me me quite often.  What to read, how to make time to read, how to enjoy reading are among the most frequently shared challenges. Well, Cowles' article answers those questions really well, and here are some highlights from "How to Tap Your Inner Reader." After following these tips, you may want to "Become a Better Reader in 7 Days."

Snider, Grant. “Book Ambition: A Graphic Pep Talk for the Literary Year Ahead.” New York Times, 2 Mar. 2018,

  1. Make sure that reading is a leisure activity. Sure, you have required reading for classes, but you have to maintain a leisure reading habit where you choose the books you read.
  2. Make time to read! Just like you schedule other aspects of your daily life, set aside at least 20 minutes per day to read for pleasure. If you can, aim for an hour each day. Turn off your electronic devices, carry your book with you (so you can read anywhere), set goals, join a book club.
  3. Discover what type of reader you are. What are your favorite genres? Do you read to be informed or entertained? Do you like challenging books? 
  4. It probably goes without saying, but read what you like! You don't have to defend your taste to anyone, so make your own choices.
  5. Become an engaged and active reader. Ask questions as you read, mark down inspirational passages, talk about your reading with someone.


Snider, Grant. “Book Ambition: A Graphic Pep Talk for the Literary Year Ahead.” New York Times, 2 Mar. 2018, Accessed Aug. 7, 2019.

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Crash Course

Pay attention, Nerdfighters! John Green (yes, that amazing author John Green) joined forces with his brother Hank Green (also known as Internet Guy) to bring you an extensive series of short videos on a variety of topics. Take a look, and scan the playlists. Memorable, educational, brief, entertaining, and AWESOME!

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Library Information

Library Hours



Your Secondary Library Staff

Ms Mak, Ms Wong, Mr. Anderson, & Ms Che

The students, faculty, and CIS community at-large have a full range of materials and services within easy grasp. Our space is more than a repository for information. We focus our energy on the unique needs of our learning community, no matter what form that may take. While one can certainly find a fantastic dual-language collection of fiction and nonfiction materials, we support the needs of whomever walks through our doors. Whether you visit us in person or you take advantage of our services via this LibGuide, we are confident you will find what you need at the CIS Secondary Library.

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Policies and Privileges

It is your responsibility to bring your school ID card each day.


Students, you must use your school ID cards for access to all services provided in the Library. All items to check out include print materials and equipment such as E-readers; you must have your ID to do so.  You can also use your student ID card for photocopying and printing. 


Beyond that simple statement, it gets even easier:

  • Respect your Library space   
  • Respect other students in your Library   
  • Respect everything and everyone in your Library

Secondary Checkout Limits

We encourage--and expect--secondary students to choose and manage their reading. This policy is firm.

Year 7-9 Students
  • Up to 6 items per student
  • Up to 2 OverDrive titles per student
Year 10-13 Students
  • Up to 10 items per student
  • Up to 2 OverDrive titles per student
Primary Students (Y4-Y6)
  • 2 print items per student
  • Must be arranged through Primary Librarians

Dear parents, 

We invite you to enjoy the Secondary Library, so please do visit us. To browse, ask questions, seek guidance to support your child's reading, or simply to learn about our space is something we hope you do.

The ideal time to visit the Secondary Library is after school hours between 3:00-4:30. We reserve the school hours (7:30-3:00) for student and teacher use. The library is a classroom, so your understanding is appreciated.

Because this is a teaching and learning space, we ask that you follow the same, simple expectations we have for the students. When visiting the library, please model and support these standards. It is helpful for students to see.

  • Please wear your Parent ID badge prominently; we need to know who you are.
  • Please engage in a book, magazine, newspaper, or browse our collection.
    • You are also invited to chat with the librarians seeking insight or support for your children.
  • Please take care of all phone communication needs (calls and texts) before entering.
    • Turn off and tuck away your devices.
  • Please enjoy your coffee and snacks in the Cafeteria or at the Rooftop Café, not in the Library.
  • Parents who are with their Primary students are asked to use the Primary Library.
  • If you are simply waiting for your child to finish classes or CCAs or need a place to socialize, we ask that you do so at the Rooftop Café or in the Cafeteria. 
Parental Checkouts
  • 1 Chinese print item per parent
  • 1 English print item per parent
  • Parents may not check out items in their child's name
    • We expect the students to learn how to manage and maintain their reading as they grow older.

Material Type

Loan Period

Overdue Prices

Replacement Costs**

Books (print & digital) 14 days


$200 (fiction)

$400 (non-fiction)

Magazines and Journals 14 days N/A* $100
Audio-Visual (Audiobooks, DVDs, etc.) 14 days N/A* $200
Kindles 14 days N/A* $1,200**

*Rather than charging fees for most overdue materials, we ask that you return or renew items. You will not be allowed to check out any additional items if you owe a fine or have anything overdue. The rule of thumb: if you expect to check something out, take care of your obligations.

**If a missing or damaged item is part of a set and we are not able to replace the missing portion, then you need to pay for the replacement of the entire set, which means the cost may be significantly higher. This applies to both books and AV materials.

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