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Serving the Information Needs of the CIS Hangzhou Community

Sora Magazines!

The Secondary Library provides unlimited access to nearly 400 magazines via our Sora Ebook and Audiobook collection

These magazines serve students and faculty equally well and provide excellent opportunities for use in the classroom. In addition to classroom use, readers will easily find reading options that focus on different hobbies, interests, and pastimes. Topics included in this collection are Kids & Teens, Tech & Gaming, Culture & Literature, Fashion, Food & Cooking, News & Politics, Science, Sports, and others that are too numerous to mention here.
Please look through the PDFs linked below for a complete list of titles and subjects. With nearly 400 options, there is indeed something for everyone!
Visit your Sora account today to explore the abundant options!

Book Requests

Hangzhou Catalogue

Conduct a basic search of materials in this window. For more extensive searches, you can log in to your Hangzhou Destiny account by using your school username (email, but not the @student... portion) and wifi password. 



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Policies and Privileges

It is your responsibility to bring your school ID card each day.


As students, you must use your school ID cards for access to all services provided in the Library. All items to check out include print materials and equipment such as E-readers, calculators and power adapters, and you must have your ID to do so.  You can also use your student ID card for photocopying and printing. 


Beyond that simple statement, it gets even easier:

  • Respect your Library space   
  • Respect other students in your Library   
  • Respect everything and everyone in your Library

Material Type

Loan Period

Overdue Prices

Replacement Costs**

Books (print & digital) 14 days


$100 (fiction)

$200 (non-fiction)

Magazines and Journals 14 days N/A* $100
Audio-Visual (Audiobooks, DVDs, etc.) 14 days N/A* $200
Kindles 14 days N/A* $1,200**
Reference materials  1 day N/A* $200
Calculators and chargers/adapters 1 day $20 per day

Calculator: $1,100

Charger/adapter: $588**

*Rather than charging fees for most overdue materials, we ask that you return or renew items. You will not be allowed to check out any additional items if you owe a fine or have anything overdue. The rule of thumb: if you expect to check something out, take care of your obligations.

**If a missing or damaged item is part of a set and we are not able to replace the missing portion, then you need to pay for the replacement of the entire set, which means the cost may be significantly higher. This applies to both books and AV materials.