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Covid-19 Archive, Y10 PBL: Careers

This LibGuide is a Year 10 Project Based Learning effort to capture the experiences of members of the CIS community from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and forward. It is a living document, initiated during the 2021-2022 school year.

Julie Chiu: CIS Nurse

“I was invited [to work at CIS]. So I was at HKIS for seven years and then resigned. And then the head nurse here, Juan, heard that I resigned and asked if I was still interested in nursing and wanted to come here [to CIS]. 
Here, my particular hours always switch. We call it long days and short days, to make sure that there's a nurse here on campus to cover after-school activities. There's a nurse here until 5:30 every day, Monday through Friday. So nurse Hannah and I will alternate. So our hours start from 7:30 to 5:30. So some days, like, for example, today, my hours are from 7:30 to 5:30, and Nurse Hannah will be at 4:30. We don't need 2 nurses here until 5:30 every day, so the other nurse will leave at 4:30 but say tomorrow on Friday, my hours are until 4:30. And nurse Hannah will be here until 5:30. 
Now, because of Covid, I definitely see leadership teams consulting with us more asking for our opinions when the pandemic started. I was asked more about hygiene. What's the best way? What are the best hygiene practices? I recommended masking much before the CDC recommended it. And, you know,
because I think we're quite lucky because, well, lucky in a sense, where we've had the experience with SARS, people were more willing to accept changes. The student body, the parents were open to accepting masking every day and things like that. I think if we were in another country like the U.S., we would have definitely had no resistance to COVID. 
I think now, it's happening slowly but surely [in regards to] having a closer relationship with other staff, like the counselors and the [business and leadership] team. So, for example, at the beginning of this school year, I went out into all the primary classrooms and taught them about handwashing and a health safety talk. And I've been in talks with Mr. Mulcahy and was suggested to make a video to every single year level about this. So I'm in talks with the communication department since they have access to videos to create something that would be helpful for secondary students. But I think the main thing is to wash hands using the seven steps. That's the effective way. And so we have created a poster and put it in the bathrooms on what those seven steps are. 
So this Friday, we're having primary students for online schooling, and because secondary school is still, you know, here on campus, our hours are still the same. I think one thing that's great is that with the less traffic of students coming into the health office with injuries that it gives you more time to work on, for example, the video to work or other administrative initiatives that I have.” 

“我被邀請[在CIS工作]。我在HKIS呆了七年,然後辭職了。然後這裡的護士長胡安聽說我辭職了 ,問她辭職了,她想知道我是否仍然對護理感興趣並想來這裡。 
在這裡,我的特定時間總是切換。我們稱其為長日短日,以確保校園內有一名護士負責課後活 動。週一至週五,每天 5:30 前都有一名護士。所以漢娜護士和我會交替進行。所以我們的營業時 間是從 7:30 到 5:30。所以有些日子,例如,今天我的工作時間是從 7:30 到 5:30,而漢娜護士將在 4:30。我們這裡不需要 2 名護士,每天 5:30 之前,所以另一個護士會在 4:30 離開,但是說明天星 期五,我的工作時間是到 4:30。漢娜護士會一直到5:30。 
現在,由於 Covid,我肯定看到領導團隊在大流行開始時更多地與我們協商,徵求我們的意見。 我被問到更多關於衛生的問題。最好的方法是什麼?最佳衛生習慣是什麼?在疾病預防控制中 心推薦之前,我建議戴很多口罩。而且,你知道,我認為我們很幸運,因為,從某種意義上說,幸 運的是,在我們經歷過 SARS 的地方,人們更願意接受變化。學生團體,父母都願意接受每天都 戴著面具等等。我想如果我們在像美國這樣的另一個國家,我們肯定對 COVID 沒有抵抗力。 
我認為現在,它正在緩慢但肯定地 [關於] 與其他員工建立更密切的關係,比如顧問和 [業務和領 導] 團隊。因此,例如,在本學年開始時,我走進所有小學教室,教他們洗手和健康安全講座。我 一直在與 Mulcahy 先生進行會談,並被建議為每一年製作一個關於此的視頻。所以我正在與傳 播部門進行談判,因為他們可以訪問視頻和類似的東西來創建對中學生有幫助的東西。但我認 為最主要的是使用七個步驟洗手。這才是有效的方法。所以我們製作了一張海報,並把它放在浴 室裡,說明這七個步驟是什麼。 
所以這個星期五,我們讓小學生在線學習,因為中學還在,你知道,在校園裡,我們的時間還是 一樣的。我認為一件很棒的事情是,隨著受傷學生進入衛生辦公室的交通減少,這讓你有更多的 時間來工作,例如,工作視頻或我擁有的其他行政舉措。”


Kate Lewington: CIS Wellbeing Ambassador

“When I first heard about COVID, I was in Australia. I was visiting my family for Christmas and I read a news article that said that a “mystery plague” had broken out of China. My friends thought it was silly and it was just a joke, but when I got home, I started to hear the same story from different people. At that time I was about to start a new job, and the same week I started that job was when the work-from-home restrictions kicked in. The year before my job had been greatly impacted by the protests because I was freelancing as a video producer and work was harder and harder to find unless I was willing to go out and film the protests. So during that time, I looked at other avenues and I thought, if I was getting into stickier financial situations, I would really like to get more experience in finance. [Previously,] I worked with the accounts, I know how to balance books, so I got into an accounting firm. It was difficult, but I managed to secure a spot, probably at the right time as well.” 
“COVID was absolutely a reason why I’m no longer at my previous job. I’ve always been creative and that’s why I pursued my work in video before. I was in the right place at the right time when (accounting) came around. I was there for the first year of COVID, it was a difficult adjustment
even without the restrictions. It’s a different field, a different way of working and I think that trying to adjust to restrictions placed on us during COVID, as well as a field that I am not personally suited to, felt even harder to get by. So after a year, I thought this isn’t for me, I have to do something that is more aligned with the things I’m good at, as well as what I enjoy doing. When I quit my job, there was a post here, actually. Another wellbeing ambassador had brought me in and I really enjoyed the creative freedom we have here. And I really enjoy being able to work with young people who have a lot more hope, that is inspiring to me too.” 
“So far, I’d say the constant mask-wearing is a bit of a bummer, but it’s good that Hong Kong figured out very early that mask-wearing works. And I think because of the social distancing that is encouraged in general, I think that people in CIS are willing to go ahead with it because they’re concerned about being good community members. We’re all looking after each other, we’re all helping each other out, I think that’s really important for me.” 
“I never expected to be doing what I am doing, but I noticed the decision I made to prioritize things that are for me has given me more peace of mind, even at a time that’s quite chaotic. There’s something about the freedom I have with the career path I’ve got at the moment. When I transitioned from accounting into this job, I was coaching children on the autism spectrum, and now I’m actually thinking of pursuing higher education in the field of psychology so that I can get better qualified to help people that are neurodivergent.” 
“When it comes to my family, it almost feels like COVID has broken us open as individuals. It made us face life and death all at the same time, constantly. And in a way that’s made my family more honest. We’re the type that can be quite proud, we want to think we’ve got everything handled, we know what we’re doing and we’re invincible. And I think it’s important to be able to show vulnerability and to accept that we’re not superheroes. At times, COVID pushed us further apart, but I think it is bringing us closer to better understanding each other.” 
“COVID has absolutely changed my career path. I had imagined that an entirely new way of communicating would come out of [the protests]. COVID had us thinking more day-to-day, thinking about what we are going to do today to make it work. I would say, at that time I didn't think so much of others, as I do now. And so what I want to do with my career is support others, instead of just 

「我當時在澳洲,我在探訪親戚,然後我讀了一個新聞報導,說在中國爆發了一個“神秘流感”。 我的朋友都覺得這只是在製造新聞,以為是一個笑話。我回到香港後,聽到不同人講同樣的故 事。我正準備開始一份新的工作,我第一個星期,限制令就即時生效。前一年,我的工作被示 威受到影響,我之前是一個自由職業的視屏製作人,工作越來越難找,不然我被迫出去拍攝示 威。因此,我決定要開始找其他的工作,而我想,如果我要是經濟上有問題,我會想在經濟方 面得到更多的經驗。(之前)我有理過數,所以最終做了會計師。那時候比較難,但是最後在適 合的時間找到適合的工作。」 
「我一向都是一個比較有創意的人,也是我做視屏的原因。我在適當的時間找到會計這份工。 我在疫情的第一年在那裡工作, 比較困難適應新的情況,有限聚令還是沒有限聚令也好。會 計是一個很不同的職場,一種不同的工作模式,而我正在嘗試適應新的限聚令和一個不適合 我的職場,感覺特別難適應。一年後,我決定了這份工不適合我,我需要找一份用得著我的優 
點有感興趣的工作。我辭職了後,漢基就開始聘請。另外一位「Wellbeing Ambassador」介紹了我 ,之後我發現我非常喜歡這裡的創作自由。而且我非常喜歡跟有希望的年輕人合作,我覺得非 常的啟發到我。」
「我覺得每時每刻要戴口罩有點可惜,香港很早就發現戴口罩是有效的。我覺得漢基是非常鼓 勵社交距離,而我覺得漢基的學生和員工很願意合作因為他們非常重視作一個良好的成員。 我們大家都在關照對方,我們都在互相幫助,而這一點也對我非常重要。」 
「我沒有想像過我會做我現在的工作,但是我發現當我選擇把我喜歡做的事放在第一位後,就 算世界有多亂,我有更多內心的平靜。當我在轉工作的時候,我幫助教在自閉症的譜系上的小 朋友,而現在我考慮讀心理學來幫我更加資格幫一些神經發散的人。」 
「新冠肺炎好像有效地幫我(和我的家人)開解對方。新冠病毒讓我們同時間不停的面對生死。 疫情反而令我的家人變得更誠實。我們是比較驕傲的家,我們喜歡覺得自己所有東西搞得定, 比較喜歡知道一切,以為自己是天下無敵。我覺得這段時間讓我們更肯表現我們軟弱的一面, 更加接受自己不是一個超級英雄。有時候會把我們的距離老得更遠,但是我覺得疫情能夠讓 
「我之前想像了一種全新的交流方法會在示威的時期誕生。新冠肺炎讓我們更加召集我們每 天的生活,更加為每天要做得著想。我覺得之前我沒有我現在那麼為人著想。我覺得現在我想 做的工作比較支持別人多過支持自己,不是只是為自己著想。」


Tika Bishwakarma: CIS Head of Security

“My name is Tika, I am from Nepal and I have worked in Chinese International School as the head of security since 1998. I like working at CIS because there is a very good environment here, the people are very nice, and I like the students here, they are very lovely and friendly, so that is why I am still here after 24 years. At first, I actually did not come straight to CIS, and had worked as a bodyguard and security guard for different employers. I previously worked at an army camp so I had a lot of experience with the Gurkhas and military; I was young back then, and was strong and fit!” 
“Around the world, the COVID-19 situation is very bad, very bad, but unfortunately it is terrible in Nepal. Nepal is a very, very poor country, so it is very difficult for people to get the vaccine, the coverage is not 100% yet. Luckily, all of my family is in Hong Kong, my wife, my daughter and my son, so I do not need to be worried about them. My relatives are still in Nepal, most of them are thankfully safe and healthy, but one of them sadly passed away due to COVID-19.” 
“Although COVID-19 has affected many people globally, in Hong Kong, it is much better, because Hong Kongers are very good and can follow their government’s rules. In other countries, people disregard the government’s rules, but in Hong Kong, 100% of people follow the government measures, so that is why the infection rates are very minor. Hopefully we don’t shift back to online school!” 
“During the lockdown and online periods of this pandemic, we still had to come to work, as some teachers came to school to teach here, while other teachers taught from their homes. We are security guards, so it does not affect us much, and we have to come on campus everyday. Our work pre-covid and during covid has not changed much, our responsibilities are still the same, to ensure safety for our students and staff, as well as clearing nuisances.” 
“I have not been back to Nepal since COVID-19 began, since it is really difficult to go back, as there are only two airlines flying there, Nepal Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Near my hometown of Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, they are planning on finishing the new International Airport by this year, 2022, so hopefully, direct flights will begin, so I do not need to transit in Kathmandu anymore!” 
”I am very lucky that my family is with me here, we are very happy in Hong Kong. It is excellent living here, in total, I have lived here for nearly 36 years. My message to any students reading this is to follow your parents’ advice and instructions. Obviously everything has changed a lot from my generation to yours, from the land to the sky, but I still advise students to follow their parent’s instructions, it cannot do you any harm. If you follow their instructions, you will have a very bright future, this is my answer for you.”

「我的名字是 Tika, 我是尼泊爾人。我是漢基國際學校的保安隊隊長,1998年開始已在這裡工 作。我很喜歡在漢基工作,這裏環境很好,大家很善良,同學們都很友好,所以會留在這裏24年。 當我剛來到香港時,我並不是直接來到漢基,我為不同雇主當了保鏢和保安員。我也曾在軍營工 作,與廓爾喀族(Gurkhas) 和軍隊有不少經驗和交流;當時我還年輕,既健康又強壯!」 
「放眼全球,疫情在所有地方都很差,但是尼泊爾的情況十分糟糕。尼泊爾原本就是一個很窮,很 窮的國家, 所以很多人都不能接種疫苗,已接種的人還沒到100%。幸好,我的家人都在香港,我 的太太,女兒和兒子,我就不需要擔心他們。我有些親戚還在尼泊爾,大部分都沒事,但可惜有一 位因為新型冠狀病毒去世了。」 
「雖然新型冠狀病毒影響了世界很多人,其實在這裏已經不太差,香港人很遵守政府設的法規。在 很多國家,人民漠視了政府規則,但是在香港,幾乎所有人都會遵循政府措施,所以感染率較低。 希望我們不需要回到網上學習!」 
「在疫情最嚴重的期間,我們保安員還要到校園工作。有些老師會回到校園,有些則會留在家裏。 對我們的影響不太大,我們每天都會回到學校。我們的工作並沒有因為疫情而有太大的改變,我 們的責任仍然是要確保老師和學生的安全,和移除滋擾。」 
「自從疫情的爆發,我並沒回過尼泊爾。因為只有幾個航空公司提供來往的航班,尼泊爾航空公司 (Nepal Airlines) 和國泰航空(Cathay Pacific)。在我家鄉藍毘尼(Lumbini) 附近,也是佛的出生地 方。政府計劃在今年(2022)完成國際機場的工程,就能有直飛航線,我就不需要在 加德滿都(Kathmandu)轉機。」 
「我很幸運我的家人在香港和我一起,我們一家非常開心。這裡居住環境很好,我已在這裏住了36 年。我給同學們的建議就是要聽從父母的指示。當然,現在對比我年輕時,有極大的變化,但是我 還是建議你們聽從父母的指導,一定不會有損失。如果你願意聽從他們的指導和建議,你會有一 個光明的未來,這就是我給你們的信息。」

Dr. Ann Mok: CIS Secondary Counsellor

Hello, I am Dr. Ann Mok, working as a CIS counselor, thinking back to 2019 when COVID began. Working was difficult because it was the first time I had to go full-time online. As a counselor, I have already done online counseling before for kids in Hangzhou. The work hours and the continuity of the work made it challenging. However, it was hard because it was very demanding. After all, I had to talk straight from 8 am to sometimes 7 pm. If I were at school, I would be done as soon as I return home. During online school, the boundaries between work and free time blurred. That took me some time to adjust. There is also the challenge of not being able to read the kids as well and if I was physically with the kid. 
Before, my life had rhythm and was regulated pretty well. However, during COVID, there are changes every day, and sometimes I have to go online immediately. COVID taught me that I have to be prepared for change. I would say to myself: "Okay, get ready to adjust to any change, especially sudden, unexpected change." However, the better part is that I realized we are not in control. But does that mean
we just throw up our hands and go like, "who knows?" A part of me wants me to loosen the grip on my life and not expect that I can control everything. 
Just let life go with the flow. I think the negative thing is the frustration that I don't get to see my family as much. My children have moved away, and we promised to visit each other. I have to deal with the fact that I don't know when I will see them again, and it really is sad. But we weren't as close as we wanted. We still meet online, but we know it is different from meeting in real life. I would be visiting my friends here and there in terms of friendship. I don't think I've lost a friend, but there is definitely a bit more distance between me and some of my friends, and that's not good. COVID has brought to us the reality that we aren't in control entirely, but that doesn't mean we don't thrive to do our best. We have to make the best out of the situation"- which I believe we are doing. Just do our part and we will eventually get through. We have taken traveling and being with each other for granted, but that can be just [be] gone in such a fast time. It's hard. I've been optimistic, but some have had it much worse than me. 

你好,我是在漢基國際學校工作的 Ann Mok博士。回想到2019 年,新型冠狀肺炎疫情開始的時候 ,那時工作有些困難,因為這是我第一次全職在網上工作。作為一名心理輔導教師,我之前已經 給在杭州的孩子做過在線心裡輔導。線上輔導壓力很大,第一個原因是因為我必須從早上 8 點到 晚上 7 點一直和學生對話。第二個原因是工作時間和工作的連續性。因為如果我是在學校工作, 我一回家就完事了。可是在網課期間,工作和休閒時間之間的界限模糊了,這讓我花了一些時間 來調整。第三個原因是不能跟以前一樣觀察孩子的心理,因為線上很難看到孩子的肢體語言。第 四個原因是新冠對生活有節奏的影響。我的生活本來是有節奏的。但是,在新冠期間,每天都有 變化;有的時我得臨時上網工作。新冠讓我知道:我必須為生活的變遷做好準備。我會對自己說: “好吧,準備好適應任何變化,尤其是突然的、意想不到的變化。”新冠好的一面是它讓我意識到我 們無法控制我們的生活,但這是否意味著我們只是舉起雙手然後躺平呢?我的一部分希望我放 鬆對生活的控制,而不是指望我可以控制一切:就讓生活順其自然吧。新冠消極的一面是我不能 像以前那樣和我的家人互動,這讓我感到沮喪。我的孩子身在海外,而新冠前我們答應互相拜 訪。可現在,我不得不面對不知道什麼時候才能再見到他們的事實,這真的很難過。我們並沒有 像我們之前想要的那樣接近。我(和我的孩子們)仍然在網上見面,但我們都知道網上視頻通話與 面對面簡化大還是不一樣的。在友誼方面,我一般會時時拜訪我的朋友。我不認為疫情讓我失去 了友誼,但我和我的一些朋友之間的確增加了距離。疫情給我帶來了一個現實,就是我完全無法 控制我的人生。但這並不意味著我們不會努力做到最好。只要盡我們的本分,我們就會度過難 關。我們已經認可旅行和彼此相處是理所當然的,但這可能會隨時消失。這很讓人難過,可是我 一直很樂觀,畢竟有些人的情況比我糟糕得多。

Darren Banaag: CIS Wellbeing Ambassador

I am Darren Banaag, one of CIS’s Wellbeing Ambassadors you see walking down the halls. Before COVID hit Hong Kong, I was mostly doing freelancing in the art industry, specifically designing tattoos for people, friends, friends of friends, etc, and this was my major source of income. I also went to many social activities with my family and friends, playing basketball and visiting my dad. Working at CIS as a wellbeing ambassador is quite nice. My experience so far has been quite good, there aren’t many troublemakers, and everyone is quite nice to me. Teachers are quite polite, and the students are also quite polite. Mostly during the day, my role is to make sure students are behaving, social distancing, and following EDB rules. This is done to keep students in check because of the recent COVID outbreaks and to put some weight off of teachers. It's a very routine job. Come in, clock in, clock out, do the same thing, 7:30 to 3:15. This job is stable, so I do enjoy that. 
COVID didn’t really affect me, as I was mostly staying at home freelancing anyways, the only thing the pandemic changed was my social life. Both visiting my family and hanging out with friends became risky or forbidden, with my dad being older and having a newborn, there is a risk of infecting
them. Also, playing ball, biking around was also not possible, with the restrictions, it’s kinda hard. They closed down all the sports facilities, so there’s not much to do but to draw. 
Even though it didn’t affect me, many of my friends had a different story. Two of my friends just got laid off, both of them because they put the 6 o’clock restrictions “curfew” and they work in F&B. Since they did it, a lot of people got fired, so now they are unemployed, and that really sucks. Most of my friends work in F&B. But I’m lucky, I wouldn’t say I have been majorly impacted by COVID, and as a person, I haven’t changed much. 
COVID has many sad stories and is full of uncertainty, but for me, nothing much is too different. I think sometimes you just gotta slow down. That's one of the bright sides of COVID. You can kind of wake up and come back to reality. You can slow down and enjoy other things that you haven't done before. 2 years now, and it's just the way it is. 

我是達倫·巴納格,漢基的其中一位「健康大使」,或許你也見過我在學校的走廊上巡邏。 香港的疫情爆發之前,我當了一位自由職業的藝術家,分明是刺青的設計家。我為人們, 朋友與朋友的朋友設計刺青,此也成為了我主要幹活的方法。我也與家人和朋友參與了許多的社 交類的活動,猶如打籃球,或者探望父親。 
在漢基做一位「健康大使」是一份挺不錯的工作。 到此,我所經驗的都是好的——沒什麼搗 亂的人,大家還對我很好。老師、學生,都對我很有禮貌。我的工作就是確保學生有保持社交距離 ,並且遵守教育局設到的規則。因為最近疫情的爆發,我們要幫忙看著學生,可以同時減少老師 們的壓力。這工作挺規例的——到達學校、登錄、離開的時候又登錄一次每天,七點半到三點十五 分,每天都是一樣,還是較穩定的,所以我是挺享受的。 
疫情對我的影響不大,因為我本來都是留在家做我那些自由職業的事。 所以,疫情唯一改 變到的是我跟別人的互動。探親與跟朋友約會要不是不太安全就是不允許的了。我爸老了又有新 生的孩子,有感染到他們的危險。還有,打籃球或踩自行車也不可以了,因為限制讓那變得困難。 政府關掉了全部的運動場,所以除了畫畫以外,沒什麼其他可以做的了。 
但即使疫情對我的影響不大,我幾位朋友的方面上就不同了。其中有兩位剛被下崗了,都 是因為政府頒布了六點鐘「宵禁」的飲食制度。 那時開始,有很多人被解僱了,現在沒工作,實在 很慘。我大部分的朋友都是做飲食這一行的。反而我就幸福,疫情對我的影響不大,我的人也沒 什麼變到。
談到疫情這話題上有很多的傷心故事,疫情時也充滿了不安。但是對我而言,改變到的事 情並不多。我覺得有時,只用慢點來。這其實就是疫情美好的一面。可以慢慢醒來,並回到我們現 實的世界。 可以慢點來,享受一些從沒享受過的事。兩年來了,它就是這樣子啦。