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CIS Secondary Library: Y8 Designers and Design Movements

CIS Secondary Library: Making the Virtual Visible

Y8 Design and Designers


Your task is to research information about your designer/design movement and present the information in the format of an A3 POSTER. The poster should clearly inform others about your designer/design movement.

Research into the background of your designer/design movement, and his or her biography. 

What does this designer do that makes their work unique and different to other designers? 

Consider influences that could have impacted this designer in their work.


This is your next stop!
Dig into these databases to dig more deeply into the biographies, news, and insights to your subject.

Website Evaluation Using RADCAB©

RADCAB© is a checklist that you can use to evaluate web resources. Use the links for each element of the checklist to make a detailed inspection of the web sources you consider. 


Is the information relevant to the question at hand? Am I on the right track?

Is the information suitable to my age and core values?

How much information do I need? Is the depth of coverage adequate?

When was the information published or last updated?

Who is the author of the information? What are his or her qualifications?

Why was this information written? Was it written to inform me, persuade me, entertain me, or sell me something?

Full credit to the RADCAB creator, Karen M. Christensson.


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